Luc and La bottle I love green + 2 months 270ml


SKU 5182419 Luc and La bottle I love green + 2 months 270ml

J'aime properties bottle 270ml:

Green bottle from the collection "I love", in 270ml for infants over 2 months. Baby adapts very easily even for the passage of the breastfeeding to bottlefeeding.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, baby learns easily to keep and its flared base allows lay it safe.

Its wide neck is ideal for cleaning with a brush but also for the filling of the bottle. Its graduations on the side ensure doses of baby lotion. Its soft teat round tipped at an average rate to facilitate swallowing and his anti-collique valve to reduce the flow of air.

Nipple silicone. Without bisphenol A

Tips for using bottle I like 270ml:

before first use, put all the components of the bottle in boiling water for 5 minutes then remove and cool.

For every use, thoroughly clean each component using a brush and washing-up liquid to guarantee perfect hygiene.