Look Solution of maintenance for soft lenses 355ml + case

soft lens care solution to clean, moisten and decontaminate.

Manufacturer: Horus Pharma

SKU: 7913040 Look Solution maintenance for soft lenses 355 ml + case


Look is a solution of sterile maintenance mainly indicated for daily maintenance of soft contact lenses.

In fact, this solution:

  • moistens and lubricates the lenses,

  • cleans,

  • rinses,

  • decontaminates lenses,

  • reduces the accession of protein deposits.

, Its formulation releases not conservative on the eye. It turns into natural components of tears in order to improve the comfort of wearing the lenses.


Sterile, isotonic, buffered solution containing purified water, chloride sodium, boric, poloxamer, of the hydroxypropylmetylcellulose, the stabilized complex OxyChlorite.


Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Started vials should be used within 3 months.