Listerine Total Care Zero mouthwash 500ml


SKU 6104316 LISTERINE Total Care Zero mouthwash 500 ml


Listerine Total Care Zero offers 6 benefits for perfect oral hygiene. This mouthwash is non-alcoholic, its taste is milder than the rest of the range.

the mouth wash Total Care Zero to 6 shares:

  • reduces plaque
  • maintains healthy gums
  • fights bacteria responsible for dental plaque and gum problems
  • reinforces the tooth enamel
  • prevents the formation of tartar to help keep naturally white teeth
  • freshens breath

Tips for using Total Care Zero bath of mouth:

this mouth wash is used 2 times per day, after a careful of teeth brushing,
20 ml per receptacle, the equivalent of 4 teaspoons (use 10 ml for children aged from 6 to 12 years). keep the liquid pure 30 seconds in the mouth.
do not swallow , deprecated before 6 years.


extracts of specific essential oils: Thymol, Eucalyptol, Menthol, methyl Salicylate. The zinc chloride for white teeth and prevent the formation of tartar. Fluorine to strengthen the enamel and a refreshing mint taste.

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