Listerine teeth and gums mouthwash 250ml Protection

Bath of mouth for antibacterial daily use protects teeth and gums.

Manufacturer: Listérine



SKU: 4284951 LISTERINE teeth and gums mouthwash 250 ml Protection


Favors the elimination of certain bacteria responsible for dental plaque formation, one of the causes of problem of teeth and gums.

Promotes the reduction of inflammation and the occasional bleeding gums.

Ensures a lasting fresh breath.

operating tips:

Make a bath of mouth morning and evening after brushing. Use pure for 30 seconds. Daily use. Do not swallow. Keep out the reach of children. Alcoholic solution.


Thymol essential oil. Essential oil "Eucalyptol. Essential oil of Menthol. Methyl salicylate. Aroma: enhanced mint flavour. Composition: Aqua (water). alcohol. sorbitol. aroma. poloxamer 407. benzoic acid. saccharin sodium. Eucalyptol. Methyl salicylate. Thymol. menthol. sodium benzoate. CI 42053

Plastic bottle 250 ml.