Lift Argan smoothing Exception 50ml light cream

SKU: 6001032 lift Argan smoothing Exception 50 ml light cream


Lift Argan Laboratories developed a smoothing cream light of exception to restore radiance to the complexion. This cream is suitable for all skin types. It gives an effect looks good.

Its formula triple action:

  • it smoothes wrinkles and irregularities of the skin,

  • it unifies the skin for a radiant, complexion

  • it illuminates skin.

In addition, thanks to argan oil and amber, this cream slows the aging of the skin and hydrate.

Its silky texture allows a rapid penetration of the skin, it leaves a pleasant feeling of comfort to the skin.

Very well tolerated by the skin, this cream gives an impeccable result. The skin is nourished, soft and luminous.

Tips for using Lift Argan smoothing cream:

Apply the cream morning and night on clean and dry skin. Take a DAB of cream and spread it on the entire face and neck. Smooth the cream from the centre outward.