Lift Argan oil Divine prickly pear 15ml


SKU 4135441 lift Argan oil Divine prickly pear 15ml


The prickly pear is a cactus with anti-aging properties. Indeed, oil and fruit provide skin of fatty acids and vitamins to the anti-oxidant powers.

Lift Argan laboratories have developed the divine oil prickly pear for the youth and beauty of women. Indeed, this oil is anti-aging. it restores skin firmness and radiance. In addition, it provides 3 effects the skin:

  • effect smoothing,

  • firming effect,

  • shatter effect.

Non-oily texture allows it to be tolerated by all skin types. It penetrates quickly for rapid and effective action.

The skin is nourished and hydrated.

using Lift Argan oil divine advice:

Apply the oil daily morning and/or evening by touches the tip of the fingers on the face and dcollet, only as anti-aging or mixed to your cream.