Lift'Argan day care tensor anti-wrinkle 50ml

Day care tensor anti-wrinkle 50ml for a more young and comfortable skin
Manufacturer: Lift Argan


SKU 6075944 lift'Argan day care tensor anti-wrinkle 50ml

description: an immediate tensor day comfortable and subtle Oriental flowery notes anti-wrinkle care. Thanks to its assets, this day treatment smoothes wrinkles to make skin younger and more beautiful:

-the active biological anti-wrinkle will act like retinol: it increases the synthesis of collagen and reduces the activity of enzymes responsible for its degradation.

-the activity of the day care is reinforced by a second immediate tensor proven asset.

Dermatologically tested Council: apply the morning across the face, on clean, dry skin.

Composition: argan oil *, active organic alfalfa from anti-wrinkle, bio oats from tensor assets, fragrance of natural origin.

* Organically produced Ingredient