Lift Argan cream filling Divine 50ml

SKU: 6001042 lift Argan cream filling Divine 50ml


Lift Argan develops products developed with plants of the desert containing defensive, enzymatic, antioxidant molecules.

Lift Argan cream divine filling is a deep wrinkle cream. This treatment with a velvet texture:

  • feeds immediately mature, skin

  • filled wrinkles,

  • makes the skin firmer.

Enriched with assets such as the Rose of Jericho filling and argan oil properties anti-wrinkle and moisturizing, this divine filling cream allows the skin to recover its firmness and volumes of his youth.

Naturally densified, your face is comforted. Skin is plumped and rejuvenated, and wrinkles dimmed.

Lift Argan cream filling Divine operating tips:

Each morning and evening, apply the divine filling cream on the face and neck, using the spatula, starting from the centre and upwards towards the temples. Smooth the front from the ride away to the outside.


Product tested under dermatological control.