Lift Argan body firming lotion 200ml Sublime

This Milk body firming Lift Argan, moisturizes and sublime your skin.
Manufacturer: Lift Argan


SKU 6079505 lift Argan body firming lotion 200ml Sublime


the Milk body firmness Sublime of Lift Argan has been formulated to restore suppleness and tone your skin.
restores something sublime in the skin by hydrating active contained in this body firming milk:

  • oil argan hydrate and anti-wrinkle action.
  • floral water of green tea is used as an antioxidant for centuries.
  • Red and Brown algae, perfume 100% natural origin.

Lift Argan body firmness Sublime milk operating tips:

apply this milk on a clean and dry skin, the programming and/or evening.

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