Lift Argan balm night light of Exception 40ml

night balm with argan oil to restore shine to dry skin.

Manufacturer: Lift Argan

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To have beautiful skin, it is essential to maintain it on a daily basis. That requires cleansing her skin, rinse with cold water but also apply adapted to her skin care. All this allows to have beautiful skin in all circumstances.


The brand Lift Argan is the first brand of anti-aging natural based on argan oil organic anti-aging properties, moisturizing and revitalizing. These anti-aging are for women seeking cosmetic treatments effective and free of any ingredient of a synthesis. all Lift Argan products contain an ingredient in Lighthouse: the argan oil organic. Bio argan oil moisturizes the skin in 2 ways:

  • gulp of water, it releases in the heart of the skin throughout the day,

  • rich in sugars hygroscopic to slow the evaporation of water in the holding in the skin as small sponges. So, the skin is protected against skin aging.

Lift Argan has created a new line of facials for an overall light action: Light of Exception. this range makes the bright, unified, luminous complexion.

balm night light of Exception is a precious jelly bio argan oil that acts throughout the night for a light of exception to the awakening effect. Its amber powder brings firmness and radiance to your skin while the argan ceramides nourish and restructure the. In contact with the skin, the balm bottom. This balm is intended for people with dry or very dry skin.

in a single gesture the natural brightness of the face is revealed thanks to argan oil, amber powder and Golden pearls.

the results are amazing, the skin is transformed. She finds all its brilliance. The strokes are smoothed and smoothed, the skin is supple, plumped and detoxified, the complexion is radiant.

Tips for using Lift Argan balm night light of Exception:

daily, evening, collect balm night using the spatula.

file the on the face and neck previously cleaned and dry.

massage gently to dissolve the jelly on the skin.


produces non-comedogenic.

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.