LIERAC water sensory 3 flowers white 100ml

SKU: 6112208 LIERAC water sensory to the flowers white 100ml 3

With the sensory, LIERAC laboratories offer a sensual and olfactory route on the theme of white flowers.These care receive a heart of unique and refined formula with extracts of Camellia, Gardenia and Jasmine selected for their regenerative virtues, conditioning and anti-oxidant.There are 4 care:

  • Sensory oil
  • Sensory water
  • Sensory milk
  • Sensory shower gel

Water sensory to the flowers white 3 :

Enriched in vegetable Glycerin and satinants agents, theWater sensory moisturizes the skin over 24 hours and wraps the body in a veil of sensuality.Her exquisite perfume and stimulating brings a delicious feeling of freshness and vitality to the skin.Result, your skin is revitalized, toned, incredibly soft and delicately scented.

Rituals of use:

Real gesture of beauty on a daily basis, this water vaporizes all over the body after bathing or at any time of the day.It can be used in the Sun.