LIERAC Ultra man moisturizing balm 50ml dry skin

Texture balm blue, non-greasy, non-sticky allows rapid penetration.
Manufacturer: Lierac Homme


SKU 9992693 Lierac Ultra man moisturizing balm 50ml dry skin

Ultra hydrating balm skin dry comfort Maximum.
care dermocosmetics 24 h hydration.
male skins dried and weakened.

This facial enables moisturizing and long-lasting comfort, thanks to the combination of unique technology Aqua-Pump of Lierac, which raises all the internal systems of skin hydration and extract rich in active compounds Siberian pine Rebuilders and protectors for comfort and protection non stop.

efficiency thanks to texture enhanced agents demonstrated effectiveness (NMF and Glycerin) water sensors presents to the very high concentration of 12%.
total Action thanks to the presence of the Skinpower5, complex exclusive accelerator performance, and vitamin E to strong power anti-free radicals.

texture balm bluish, non-greasy, non-sticky allows penetration rapide.

operating tips :
morning and/or evening, evenly apply the cream on the face and neck cleaned. Substitute care after shaving.

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