LIERAC sensory scrub 3 175ml white flowers

SKU: 4020665 LIERAC sensory scrub 3 175 ml white flowers


Laboratoires Lierac you propose scrub sensory 3 flowers white, a scrub infused crystals of sugar, vanilla chips and fine nuclei of fishing that smoothes, tones, sublime and hydrate the skin. one texture double game gel-which turns into delicate on wet skin milk and oil that contains a high concentration: 27% of sugar crystals Slivers of vanilla and nuclei of fishing for pleasure, smoothing and tonic exfoliation skin is also sublimated through excerpts from white flowers:

  • gardenia
  • ,
  • camellias
  • ,
  • Jasmine

this body scrub gives you a moment of relaxation while sublimating your skin. Smoothed and toned she finds radiance and softness.

Lierac scrub sensory operating tips:

Apply the scrub on moist skin for more softness.

On dry skin for a more toned scrub.


  • Excerpt from jasmin
  • Extract from gardenia
  • Camellia extract
  • oil of hazelnut
  • sweet almond oil
  • grape seed oil
  • argan oil (31.5%)
  • crystal sugar
  • vanilla chips
  • nuclei of fishing