LIERAC Prescription fluid Matafiant Restorative emulsion 50ml

-Based marine spring water, this fluid is specially formulated for the adult skin with imperfections.
Manufacturer: Lierac Prescription
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SKU 5167673 Lierac Prescription fluid matifying anti-blemish

Properties Lierac Prescription fluid matifying anti-blemish:

this fluid helps mitigate blemishes, moisturizes your skin while the matting. Fresh, light and not greasy, it is designed for adult acne blemishes.

Results: from the first application, the pores are extending and imperfections disappear. Repairs, moisturizes and protects your skin.

The pores are encrusted and sbium secretions are mitigated.

Your skin revie.

assets main Lierac Prescription fluid matifying anti-blemish:

SKRL3 patent technology filed Lierac involving marine spring water and a prebiotic to repair and regenerate your skin. Your skin is so healthy.

Acnacidol BG recognized for its sebo-regulators and purifying effects.

The Syntenol has soothing the skin while reducing sebum secretion.

Hydroxy acids resulting in cell renewal, improving tolerance of formulas (composed of salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid). These acids are known for quick penetration and depth.

The graft azelaic acid regulates the cellualire renewal moisturizer and bringing comfort to your skin.

Le Zinc is known for its moisturizing, sebo-regulating, soothing, antioxidant and purifying properties.

Absorbent powders provide a matte finish to your skin.

Lierac Prescription fluid matifying anti-blemish operating tips:

Apply morning and/or on the previously cleaned and dry face.

conservation Lierac Prescription fluid matifying anti-blemish:

keeps this fluid 12 months after opening.

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