LIERAC Prescription Depigmentant anti-age intensive 15ml

Care whitening anti-age intensive to reduce brown spots
Manufacturer: Lierac Prescription


SKU 5178524 LIERAC Prescription care depigmenting intensive anti-age

Care whitening anti-age intensive can reduce pigment spots including spots and also reduces their return.

Properties Lierac Prescription care depigmenting:

intensive care whitening anti-dark spot for brown spots can reduce age spots. This treatment also reduces their return and it evens your complexion.

Its gel texture is pleasant in application on the face. This amber and transparent gel is suitable for skins with brown spots.

Pigment spots appear most often on the face, dcollet and hands. They are usually due to a change in the production and distribution of melanin but also in the accumulation in the cells of lipofuscin.

Its principal assets:

-Alpha hydroxide acids, allows the renewal of cells and increases the level of skin tolerance.

-Diatom, can reduce the synthesis of lipofuscin and limit accumulation.

-D.A.B, allows to reduce the creation of melanin.

Tips for using Lierac Prescription care depigmenting:

apply the product directly with the mouthpiece on tasks.

Tap on your skin to penetrate. Use the best 3 months.

conservation Lierac Prescription care depigmenting:

keeps 3 months after opening.

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