LIERAC Comfort and Soothing Cream 40ml

Comfort cream,soothing and balancing for sensitive and intolerant skins

Manufacturer: Lierac Prescription

SKU: 5167578

LIERAC comfort cream soothing and balancing 40ml

Comfort cream soothing and rebalancing is composed of marine spring water,it is ideal for moisturising and protecting sensitive and intolerant skins.


Sensitive and intolerant skins are difficult and reactive skins. They must be treated with care, that is why Lierac comfort cream is ideal for sensitive skin in need of comfort.

Soothing and rebalancing, comfort cream hydrates and comforts your skin as it needs to be. The skin is protected against external aggressions for a long time but also against other factors such as stress or food.

Your skin regains its comfort, its balance, it is soothed.

Its melting and creamy texture is perfectly suited to delicate, sensitive and intolerant skins.

Its principal advantages:

-Technology SKRL3, associated with marine spring water increases your skin natural defenses against atmospheric aggressions. Your skin is protected.

-Omega 3 6 9, the hydration of your skin is maintained. It is nourished and repaired.

-Avocado oil, moisturising, nourishing and restorative properties,ideally protects your skin.

-Vegetable squalane, extract of vegetable origin which softens and protects your skin.

How to Use:

Apply on the face, morning and evening, for better efficiency



Can be kept for 12 months after opening.