LIERAC Prescription bread Exfoliating amount 100g

Cold cream bread Exfoliating soap for dry and sensitive skin-free
Manufacturer: Lierac Prescription


SKU: 5167710 LIERAC Prescription Pain cold cream scrub

Cold cream bread Exfoliating soap for dry and sensitive skin-free. Cleans your skin smooth and hydrate.

Properties Lierac Prescription cold cream bread:

the dry skin is a quite common phenomenon that affects us all at least once. That is why this bread cleans and exfoliates your skin everything smoothly on a daily basis. It gives all the necessary comforts and meets the expectations of dry skin and sensitive.

Exfoliating cold cream bread moisturizes and smoothes your skin with every wash. It gently cleanses your skin without drying. Thanks to its soft foaming it is ideal for dry and sensitive skin showing the scales at the level of the body.

Its active key:

Safflower oil, oil-vegetable rich in moisturizing properties, relipidantes, nourishing and softening. It restores your skin comfort and flexibility.

-Calcium carbonate, allows you to exfoliate your skin gentle and let smooth.

-Glycerols, mild very efficient allowing the maintenance of water in contact with the skin.

operating Lierac Prescription cold cream bread tips:

use the cold cream bread on wet skin in the shower then rinse.

Use one to two times per week.

conservation Lierac Prescription cold cream bread:

keeps 24 months after opening.