LIERAC men Premium fluid anti-aging full 40ml

SKU: 9992776 Lierac men Premium fluid anti-aging full 40ml

Lierac Premium complete anti-aging fluid man:


action anti-wrinkle and firmness is ensured by the alliance of a peptide restructuring for the new generation to hyaluronic acid which work in synergy to restore skin elasticity and strength.

Anti-tiring action is provided by the unique combination of molecules for their ultra-energisants powers (taurine, guarana, caffeine) and 5 vitamins (A, C, E, B5, B6) that boost cell function.

After shave soothing action is obtained by the association of an extract of peppermint, rich molecules fire the Shaver, and Glycerin which provide a calming effect and a feeling of immediate well-being.

operating tips:

Ideal in aftershave, it applies daily morning and/or evening on cleansed face.