LIERAC men eye puffiness and concealer 15 ml

Day after day, the skin is tightened, pockets deflate and dark circles fade.

Manufacturer: Lierac Homme

SKU: 4021250

LIERAC men outline of eye puffiness and concealer 15 ml

Description: 30 years of expertise and more than 30% of plant extracts for the contour of eyes double action : Action puffiness thanks to the vegetable synergy Alchemilla-Ivy-horsetail rich in flavonoids and tannoides that stimulates biosynthesis of fibroblast, more collagen, more elastin for a more elastic skin, more tonic. Action concealer with the association arnica + ruscus medicinal plants known to erase the Blues and reactivate the microcirculation. Day after day, skin is as tensioned, pockets deflate and dark circles fade away. look is fresh, visibly rested. The + product : More softness, less intolerance! Very fresh and not fatty, this gel enriched with soothing calendula extract does not contain dye nor perfume for optimal tolerance.

indications: puffiness, dark Eye Contour

formula: complex Skinpower5 1%, vegetable synergy Alchemilla-Ivy-horsetail 25.5%, Chamomile extracts 4.5%, complex concealer (ruscus + arnica) 1.85%.

operating tips: apply morning and / or evening with light massages.