Lierac Men After-Shave Soothing Balm 75ml

Use daily, it helps to slow down hair growth for a easier and quicker shaving.
Manufacturer: Lierac Homme
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Lierac Men After-Shave Soothing Balm 75ml

without alcohol, this fresh balm contains extract of peppermint leaf supported by an extract of soothing calendula to stop razor burn,continuously calms the sensations of tightness and soothes the irritations .

Used daily, it helps to slow down the growth of the hair for an easier and more rapid shaving.
For a complete comfort, this balm contains shea butter, the complex Skin power5 and an anti-bacterial agent (chlorhexidine). Soothed, the skin is soft and without irritation.
Advantages of the product:
more comfort, less hair!
ultra-soothing, this balm takes advantage of  a new anti-hair growth technology thanks to a vegetable based extract (Fibraurea recisa) rich in palmatine.
after 2 months of treatment, results are :
-a reduction in hair density,
-a decrease in the rate of hair growth.
The frequency of shaving by users is reduced by 84% , the skin remains clean for a longer time.

After shave anti-Irritations moisturising.

Complex Skinpower 1%, 1% peppermint leaf extract, extract of calendula 2.3%, fibraurea recisa 3%, 1.5%, chlorhexidine 0.04%, shea butter.

How to Use:
Apply in the morning and / or evening after shaving.

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