LIERAC Luminescence Serum 30ml


SKU: 9885448 LIERAC Luminescence Serum 30 ml

Properties: Luminescence is capable of acting complexion concealer light serum:

-deep to re-enable the deep light, day after day the skin regains its original light, pigment spots and wrinkles fade, the complexion is uniform. Skin looks visibly younger.

-surface to maximize reflected light, skin thins and responsible for the irregularity of the skin relief pores tightens.

-Instantly to illuminate and unify the complexion thanks to the association and illuminatrices pearlescent pigment correctors. Composition: Chrono-complex detoxifying dosed at 3.25% plant Extract smoothing illuminatrices Pearlescent Phytocosmetic active operating tips: apply morning and/or evening throughout the year or to cure according to the needs and desires. daily or mixed with its day cream night or his serum. mix with its foundation for instantly radiant skin.