LIERAC Hydragenist Aquabaume moisturizer 50ml

Hydragenist Aquabaume is a treatment specially formulated for dehydrated skins.
Manufacturer: Lierac


SKU 6346604 LIERAC Hydragenist Aquabaume moisturizer 50 ml


From a certain age the skin tends to dehydrate. ANSI, it needs water. The Lierac laboratory developed the Hydragenist range. Including the Balm moisturizer SOS oxygenating. Care for a hydration in depth of the upper layers of the epidermis. So the skin is plumped, smooth and comfortable. Ideal for day care for women from 30 years for optimal action.

Lierac Hydragenist Aquabaume moisturizer SOS consists of the Hydra O2 patented complex inspired by the technique of tissue oxygenation in aesthetic medicine. Dosed at 10%, it combines the biomimetic oxygen of hyaluronic acid of the Vernonia sheet as well as vitamins to boost the deep hydration and surface for skin clearly plumped and smoothed.
This Hydragenist Lierac balm also contains flowers sports oils to make this balm a real bath. hydration


dehydrated skins, intense hydration.

operating tips

Hydragenist Aquabaume apply on the face in daily care or cure in a few months. Such care can also be applque into a mask for shock action.


  • Of the oxygen biomimetic,
  • Of the hyaluronic acid
  • of the sheet of Vernonia,
  • vitamins
  • oils of flowers sports

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