LIERAC Exclusive Premium fluid day and night 50ml

Precious fluid absolute anti-aging
Manufacturer: Lierac


SKU 4021557 Lierac Exclusive Premium fluid day and night 50ml

concentrate of lightness and efficiency based on extracts of papyrus and black pepper for an intensive redensifying action, a result deep anti-wrinkle and firming. absolute
corrects all signs of aging: deep wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven complexion.
hydrates intensively and awakens the radiance of the complexion.
This fondant fluid corrects all brands of the age through restructuring properties , densifying and protective of its formula unique.

operating tips:
basis, this fluid of exception apply in the morning and/or evening on the skin dmaquille and cleaned. From the end of fingers, spread over the entire face and neck, and then smooth the traits of the centre to the outside.

Ideal morning to bring skin with maximum hydration and protection. Recommended evening to endless repair and regeneration.
depending on the time of day and the seasons you can combine or alternate this precious fluid with the voluptuous cream.

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