LIERAC Cabinet sensory water fresh toning Jet 100 ml + scented candle

Cabinet sensory of Lierac has a water fresh invigorating hydration 24 h and a grapefruit-scented candle
Manufacturer: Lierac


SKU 2655248 Lierac Cabinet sensory hydration 24 3 flowers of citrus water fresh tonic 100ml + scented candle

Lierac expert laboratory in the beauty of women, skin problems and skin Aging, invites you to discover the sensory box.

This package contains 100ml fresh water to sublimate your skin and to provide hydration and immediate toning. This water is formulated without alcohol, so it can be suitable for women with sensitive skin.

sensory Lierac gift

Lierac offers a candle scented sparkling and thirst-quenching pink grapefruit scent. Most of this candle is in its manufacture. It is manufactured in France by hand in workshops "Esteban". The wax is 100% vegetable and her hair is 100% cotton.

Small Tip: dip a few seconds the wick of the candle in wax to turn it off to preserve the ambient perfume.

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