Lierac Body-Slim Destock Night Pack of 2 x 200 ml

Night-time intensive body-contouring concentrate.
Manufacturer: Lierac


SKU 2643707


A creamy and melting contouring cream with an enveloping texture that targets dimpled skin and stubborn cellulite. Its high concentration in active caffeine, for the first time combined with molecular micro-patch technology, is released over a period of time for intensive slimming efficacy all through the night. Visible results after 14 days. Active caffeine combined with 5% molecular micro-patch technology is a unique and expert destocking technology made up of a molecular weave that contains active caffeine. The caffeine is released in a regulated manner for more effective destocking that lasts all night long. Unique complex composed of 3 ingredients (sacred lotus-white willow-biotechnological peptide) that is capable of transforming "fat-storing" adipocytes into "fat-burning" adipocytes. 

How to use:

Apply daily at night, massaging the targeted areas (thighs, hips, buttocks).


2 pump bottles of 200 ml

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