Lice Apaisyl Lotion 100ml


SKU: 9630748 lice Apaisyl Lotion 100 ml

100% efficiency - without economic - simple to use - insecticide Lice Apaisyl, 1 program 3 in 1 lice and nits, consists of a shampoo without insecticide and a metal comb to allow the rapid eradication of the lice and nits in any security. it prevents also contamination and prevent re-infestations. clinically tested in treatment and prevention of recurrences , Lice Apaisyl is a program 3 in 1 for a maximum of simplicity : < br > 1. Kills head lice by asphyxiation, thanks to its mode of mechanical action, lice can develop no resistance. < br > 2. Eliminates the nits removed effectively using the comb. < br > 3. Leaves hair clean, soft and shiny thanks to its cleansing. base economic: 3 to 6 applications depending on the length of the hair. respects the balance of the scalp, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and without perfume - adult and child from 2 years.