Léro Superoxylase 30 Pack

SKU: 7319377


Léro Superoxylase's formula, full of anti-oxidants, was created to specifically help fight against free radicals and normal bodily functions.

The production of free radicals in the body is a natural phenomenon. However, pollution and prolonged exposure to the sun are both among the kinds of situations that encourage overproduction of free radicals that are important to neutralise.

Léro Superoxylase contains:

  • Zinc, selenium and manganese.
  • Vitamins C and E.


Vitamin C .. 60mg (100%).Bioflavonoids .. 35mg.Zinc .. 15mg (100%).Vitamin E .. 10mg (100%).Natural vegetable oil providing: -Natural beta carotene .. 4.9mg.-Carotenoids natural .. 0.82mg.Manganese .. 1mg.Selenium .. 50mcg.