Lero solar skin sensitive Lot of 2 x 30 capsules

D are vitamins, minerals and acids fatty to nourish your skin.

Manufacturer: Lero

SKU: 2553016 Lero solar skin sensitive Lot 2 x 30 capsules


Lero solar repairs and extends your tanning. your skin is sensitive, reactive and requires special attention when it is exposed to the Sun.

I l brings you an association of micronutrients that help prepare your skin exposure to the Sun and thus contribute to the maintains its natural capacity of defence during exposure. The components are as follows:

  • seed of cassis, acid-rich oil omega-6 fatty
  • fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are involved in improving the dissemination of micronutrients,
  • a carotenoid, beta-carotene

operating tips:

1 capsule per day to be taken during the meal. 15 days before, during and after exposure to the Sun.


Grapeseed Oil cassis 85 mg, fish oil rich in 30% EPA and DHA 80 mg, extract of orange bitter 60 mg, 30% 15 mg natural beta-carotene, sulfate of Zn Zn 10 mg, yellow beeswax corn starch, thickener, yeast Selenium is Se 35 mcg, natural tocopherols concentrate either lives. E 10 mg, nicotinamide 10 mg, emulsifier soy lecithin and yeast, gelatine of marine origin, glycerin

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