Léro Prémunil Juniors Immune System 30 Capsules

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Each winter brings its headaches which are just as predicatable as they are recurring. Cold, abrupt temperature change, moisture and factors related to our surroundings weaken the body's defences. Léro Prémunil Junior is designed to strengthen the body's natural defences and help cope with the continuous assault throughout the period winter.

  • To contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system, Léro Prémunil Junior brings you a specially dosed combination of vitamin D, vitamin B6, iron, copper, zinc and selenium.
  • For the protection of the cells, it also contains manganese and vitamin E.


Lactic bacteriaLactobacillus Casei (1 billion cfu) .. 12mgVitamin E .. 6mg (50%)Iron .. 3.5mg (25%)Vitamin B6 .. 1mg (71%)Manganese .. 0.5 mg (25%)Copper .. 0.15mg (15%)Selenium .. 25mcg (45%)Vitamin D .. 2.5mcg (50%)Vitamin D .. 5mcg (100%). 



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