Léro Pondéal Red Fruit Flavour 30 Sticks

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Léro Pondéal, enrolling in your daily habits will help you more easily achieve your goal by facilitating the follow-up to your diet.

Léro Pondéal contains konjac root extract, a soucre of glucomannan. The konjac selected by Léro laboratories is rich with 95% glucomannan. It contributes to weight loss as part of a reduced-energy diet.

Glucomannan is a fibre that exhibits exceptional water absorption properties. It can expand to over 200 times its own volume, which allows for a faster sense of stomach fullness and therefore helps to better follow one's diet. Glucomannan also contributes to the slowdown of gastric emptying thus helping limit snacking between meals.

Recommended Use:

Take 3 times daily, before meals.

Dilute a stick into a glass of water or a yogurt.

For optimal results, it is necessary to consume the solution/mixture promptly.


Konjac root extract (1g of glucomannan per stick) ..1.06g.