Lero Hydracur box 150ml

Lro Hydracur is herbal.
Manufacturer: Lero
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SKU 4624795 Lero Hydracur box 150 ml


Thanks to an original association of 6 additional plants, Lro Hydracur contributes to a good natural elimination of water by the body.

The plants that make up Lero Hydracur have been carefully selected for the quality of their ingredients. The choice of the part of the plant used has been made depending on its content principles.

CASSIS: part used: leaf constituents: flavonoids

HIBISCUS: part used: flower constituents: anthocyanosides

MEADOWSWEET: part used of the Meadowsweet: flower constituents: flavonol glycosides

tail of cherry: part used: tail components: flavonoids

Dandelion: part used : sheet components: vitexin


  • extract from blackcurrant 160 mg
  • extract of dandelion 160 mg
  • extract of rose hip 80 mg
  • extract of hibiscus 80 mg
  • extract of cherry 40 mg tail
  • extract of Meadowsweet 40 mg

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