Lero dander 90 capsules

Supplements food hair and nails.

Manufacturer: Lero

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to help you find beauty and shine of the hair and nails, Lero Phaneresapporte an association of cystine, essential fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements at the heart of the structure of the dander.


Lero dander contains : de cystine acid amino essential sulphur, one of important components of the structure of keratin, the main constituent of hair and nails , de biotin (vitamin B8) and zinc which allow the maintenance of hair and normal nail, de vitamin B6 which helps a normal synthesis of cysteine, de vitamin e. de evening primrose oil, rich in fatty acid linoleic (omega 6) and acid linolenic (omega-3) fatty.


Huile of evening primrose 200 mg L-cystine 150 mg 50% Vitamine E 6 mg 50% Zinc 5 mg 50% Vitamine B5 3 mg 50% Vitamine B6 0.7 mg 50% Vitamine B8 (biotin) 25 mcg 50%