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LCDT Antisnor anti-snoring ring size L

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Are you a buzzer or victim of a Snorer? Discover the ring Antisnor, the reference of the hum rings. It is the solution for Dec, see stop snoring in a manner 100% natural. The Antisnor-snoring ring uses acupressure, Chinese a derived method of medicine. It will put pressure on the meridian (energy flow related to a particular organ, it has throughout the body for each organ) connected to the respiratory tract and located at the bottom of the left little finger. This pressure will allow the airway does not compress when the buzzer is asleep. In this way, air can flow more easily and the buzzer will breathe better and more silently. The Antisnor ring is patented since 2001. In 2012, a clinical test conducted in France by the laboratories Proclaim on the Antisnor ring, 83% of the snorers are completely satisfied and continue to use the ring, and 90% of the snorers feel less tired in their wake. The Antisnor ring is available in 3 sizes (S = 16 mm, M = 18mm, L = 20mm), each can be adjusted more or less 2 mm

Operating tips:

-Select size: each ring size is a width of finger, just to measure using a rule the width of your little finger left and take the ring size that most closely (knowing that each ring is adjustable of +/-2 mm).

Position of the ring: the ring is placed on the little finger of the left hand, opening side top of the hand and the PIN inner side Palm of the hand. The opening of the ring allows you to adjust it correctly by pressing lightly, it is necessary that the picot is a little pressure, but without you compress the finger or hurt you.

Use of the ring: bring it every night. Put 30 minutes before sunset and remove it in the morning. Do not carry the day because this reduces the effects of the ring. The effects can be immediate or progressive people, wait approximately 20 days to enjoy all the benefits of the ring and continue to bring it every night.

-Warnings: too much drink before sunset, profusely smoking day or being overweight increases cases of snoring. The ring Antisnor as any anti-snoring device does not work if you have a deviated nasal septum and does not treat sleep apnea, if you are in this case your doctor.


Steel hypoallergenic, non-intrusive, natural ring.

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