Lansinoh Momma NaturelWave teat flow average x 2

Dummy, medium flow, which allows the baby to suckle properly with the impression to suckle the breast.

Manufacturer: Lansinoh

SKU: 6299981 Lansinoh Momma NaturelWave teat flow average x 2


The Lansinoh nipple NaturalWawe, medium flow, to easily switch between breast to the bottle and the bottle to the breast.

Indeed, this nipple allows the natural Peristaltic movement of the tongue of the baby, that is the regular movement of "vague" used to compress the breast and extract milk.

Thus, this pacifier helps retain diagrams is breastfeeding established.

Pacifier, d average ebit, is soft, flexible and 100% silicone. In addition, its air ventilation system allows to avoid ingestion of air so the colic.

Tips for using Lansinoh NaturalWave medium flow teat:

Sterilize the nipple and clean before use. Then place it on the bottle. The baby can eat.


For use with Lansinoh Momma bottles.

Product made in China.