Lansinoh Momma NaturalWave x 2 slow flow teat

SKU: 6299872 Lansinoh Momma NaturalWave teat flow slow x 2


No nipple does not replace or does not resemble the breast. That is why, for many years, the Lansinoh laboratory research a pacifier for a natural suction mode.

The dummy NaturalWave, slow flow, is a Peristaltic nipple. It encourages natural suction mode babies thus, the baby can pass easily breast to the bottle and the bottle to the breast. Indeed, this nipple allows the natural Peristaltic movement of the baby language, a regular movement of 'wave' used to compress the breast and extract milk.

Addition, this nipple is 100% silicone, soft and flexible. ELL is composed of the Air Ventilation System, which allows to avoid the intake of air and so the colic.

Thus the Peristaltic nipple has been designed to allow you to give your precious milk to your baby during your absences and to reassure you it feeding correctly at the breast when you return.

Tips for using Lansinoh Naturalwave slow flow teat:

Place the nipple on the bottle and then give it to the baby. The nipple should be previously cleaned and sterilized.

Do not use when breastfeeding is established in the mother as the baby .


Product made in China.