Lansinoh Momma bottle Natural Wave 160ml

Bottle suitable for baby's comfort, facilitates weaning.

Manufacturer: Lansinoh

SKU: 6299960 Lansinoh Momma bottle Natural Wave 160ml


This bottle lansinoh 1 age allows alternate or continue the breast feeding if you must leave. New Lansinoh Peristaltic nipple promotes the wavelike movement of the tongue. A product based on scientific evidence to avoid confusion among breastfed babies and the risk of loss of the technique of sucking breast. Its shape is particularly suited and very effective for babies who refuse to take the bottle in case of withdrawal.

100% silicone nipple is soft, flexible, looks really like a nipple for maximum compression. Its slow flow is suitable for newborns. It is equipped with a system to restrict air intake and therefore colic.

Round bottle bottle allows an easy grip. The neck is wide, easy to fill and clean with a brush or simply to the dishwasher. for impeccable hygiene, the bottle is equipped with a CAP that protects also leaks.

This bottle is guaranteed without bisphenol A.

Tips for using Lansinoh Momma bottle Natural Wave:

it is recommended to sterilize the bottle before its first use. Use a brush for a more accurate cleaning.