Lansinoh HPA lanolin nipple 40ml

Lansinoh lanolin cream for sensitive nipples or irritated.

Manufacturer: Lansinoh

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SKU: 6299622 Lansinoh lanolin HPA nipples 40 ml cream


Breastfeeding is an art that is learned. It is a wonderful relationship with your baby. Breastfeeding should be a comfortable experience for you and your baby. But in the early days, the nipples are put to the test.

Lansinoh laboratories have therefore designed a lanolin cream for sensitive nipples and irritated.Allows it to maintain an optimal rate of hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis. Indeed, the lanolin no water, no preservatives, contains no chemicals or perfumes. The baby consumes so no chemical products.

Skin is healthy and more supple. The nipples are protected and soothed.

Tips for using Lansinoh cream lanolin:

with clean hands, soften a small amount between your fingers and apply on the nipple after feeding or when it is necessary. LANSINOH does not have to be removed before feeding. It can also be applied during pregnancy to properly moisturize the skin