Lansinoh HPA lanolin 10ml cream

Lansinoh lanolin cream for nipples irritated by breastfeeding.

Manufacturer: Lansinoh

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SKU: 6299634 Lansinoh HPA lanolin 10 ml cream


The Lansinoh HPA lanolin is currently the safest and purest lanolin in the world, thanks to a unique and natural process.

The Lansinoh cream is specifically designed for moms who are breastfeeding. It soothes and protects the sensitive nipples and irritated. Moreover, it calms and protects your skin dry and cracked by breastfeeding. The skin remains healthy and supple, and thus is a guarantee against cracks.

HPA lanolin can also be applied to other areas of the body for: stretch marks and itching, a diaper rash, milk crust, small cuts, burns and abrasions and to moisturize skin dry.

Tips for using Lansinoh lanolin cream:

with your own hands, soften an amount equal to a pea cream between your fingers, and then apply it carefully on the nipple. If necessary you can apply a little bit of cream in the centre of the disposable breast pad. Keep the tube at room temperature. The temperature is high, more cream applies easily.

apply on the nipple after each feeding and more often if necessary. Dry your nipples with a clean cloth. Does the Let not dry in the open air.


Rinse your nipples with water warm when you take a shower or a bath. The use of a shower gel or SOAP on the area of the nipples is not recommended.