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Lansinoh breast pump manual + 2 breast milk bags

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SKU 6299112 Lansinoh breast pump manual + 2 breast milk bags


Handmilchpumpe of the laboratory Lansinoh is a Manual breast pump that allows to express her milk and keep.

Thanks to this pump, pumping is more comfortable and more efficient. Graduated up to 150ml, it allows to obtain and retain lots of milk. In addition, comprising polypropylene and silicone without bisphenol A and phthalates, conservation of milk is optimum.

Usage is easy:

  • it has an ergonomic handle for a very good grip,
  • it has 7 parts easy to assemble, use and clean,
  • it will fit other containers if they are standard size
  • its ComfortSeal pad silicone allows for a fast and comfortable milk flow.

It is advisable to use a manual pump for casual use, for everyday use use an electric Breastpump.

, This pump allows to provide breast milk to your baby in the event of separation with you while helping to maintain its production, even away from him.

Tips for using Lansinoh Handmilchpumpe:

before use, boil each piece for 10 minutes. Then dry them and assemble as shown in the instruction manual.

Autoclave the pump and wash their hands. Squeeze the teat and the pad firmly against nipple so that air does not escape.

Gently squeeze the handle. Suction is performed on the nipple.

Start with 6-7 cycles rapidly to initiate let-down. Then hold the handle for 2 to 3 seconds and let it return to its starting position. These 2-3 cycles of 2 to 3 seconds mimic the natural pattern of your baby sucking and so allow your milk to flow into the bottles between cycles.

Milk begins to flow after the first cycles. Do not worry if the milk does not flow immediately. Relax and continue.


This product contains:

  • 1 Manual, pump

  • 1 pad ComfortSeal,

  • 2 bags for breast milk (150 ml),

  • 2 additional, white valves

  • 2 rings of closure with their plumbers, disk

  • cleaning, brush 1

  • 1 additional silicone diaphragm.


Before use, to comply with the comprehensive operating instructions.

The parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher

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