Laino Exfoliating melting 150ml cream

cream Exfoliating melting Laino offers a Scrub gently across your skin.
Manufacturer: Laino


SKU 6017993 Laino Exfoliating melting 150ml cream

Forte of pharmaceutical expertise of the laboratories Gilbert, mark Laino is focused on developing more than 30 years of safe and effective products based on natural, simple ingredients and authentic.


Laino melting Exfoliating cream, is designed for dry and sensitive skin. This cream Laino gum skin gently and effectively removes all dead skin and impurities cells.

Protects the skin from the dry skin taking care of dry and sensitive skin. Once rinsed, creamy texture leaving the skin soft, silky and moisturized skin sensation.

Tips for using Laino Exfoliating cream melting:

Apply one to two times per week on a wet skin. Insist on dry areas like elbows or knees, then rinse.

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