Ladrome will spray 20ml

Assistance to self-confidence
Manufacturer: Ladrome


SKU 9543475 Ladrome will spray 20 ml


Complex organic flower essences


Help to take confidence, to impose your ideas and move forward

directions for use:

2 sprays under the tongue, 4 times per day. For children, realize the spraying in a glass of water to obtain a dilute solution.


Organic Cognac *, organic aqueous Infusions of knapweed * (Centaurium umbellatum), gentian * (Gentiana amarella), Walnut * (Juglans regia), oat * (Bromus ramosus), rose hips * (Rosa canina), dilution 1-240eme.


Cardboard - on the case and on the bottle - cap spray - 20 ml brown glass bottle: UBD & lot number

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