Ladrome oil essential BIO Niaouli 10ml


SKU 7979961


Organic essential oil

Tips to use:

Massage: 2 drops of niaouli, lavender, thyme and pine in 50 ml of vegetable oil massage on the thorax

Inhalation: 2 drops of niaouli, lavender, thyme and pine on a paper tissue to inhale regularly during the day

compresses: 5 drops in a bowl of hot water compresses or washes. Renew 3 times per day

oral (carefully): 2 drops of essential oil in honey or dispersant solution morning and evening recommended to pregnant women and young children.


1 to 2 drops diluted in a teaspoon of honey.


Bottle blue glass - dropper integrated Cap screw - box aluminium on the bottle and the box: lot number - Date limit for optimum use (UBD)

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