Ladrome essential oil sweet heat diffuser

essential oils for gentle heat diffuser, design for your well-being.
Manufacturer: Ladrome


SKU 7100078 Ladrome essential heat sweet oil diffuser


Ladrome offers essential oils for gentle heat diffuser. Design, it combines well-being and simplicity. This diffuser respects the properties of essential oils. Stop is automatic after 30 minutes of operation. The ignition control is touch. This diffuser can be used with fragrances of Interior. It offers a warm and relaxing atmosphere thanks to its light. This discreet lighting enhances your interior. Beautiful and quiet, this diffuser makes no noise. Make your home a zen place to relax.

indications Ladrome soft heat diffuser:

Dimensions: 12.4 cm in width and length, height 5.7 cm.

Consumption: maximum 4Watts.

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