Ladrome Aroflora Simplia by Nebulizing essential oil diffuser

by nebulizing essential oil diffuser Simplia.
Manufacturer: Ladrome


SKU 7100064 Ladrome Aroflora Simplia by Nebulizing essential oil diffuser

Aroflora offers a wide range of essential oil diffusers, there is for all tastes, budgets and for everywhere! Diffusing essential oils different technologies exist, nebulization, gentle heat or even ventilation.


Contemporary and powerful, this diffuser Simplia allows to broadcast your essential oils on wide surfaces while retaining their properties through its technology by nebulization. Very design, it is made of a wooden and a glassware and hand-blown cap base. Its built-in power dimmer to adjust dissemination according to convenience. In a few minutes the scent and the benefits of essential oils spread you, even in large spaces.

information Simplia HuilesEssentielles by nebulizer diffuser:

A nebulizer is a device for turning certain liquids in a cloud of extremely fine particles (mist) and cold, as essential oils for example.

  • Power supply: 220/240V-50/60 Hz
  • power: 6V / 500 mA
  • Dimensions: 125mm x 76mm x 210 mm
  • weight: 350 g

operating tips:

  • Switch is used at the same time controller of power (to adjust the intensity of diffusion).
  • A glass stopper reduces the discreet noise of diffusion, regulates the dissemination and protects the inside of the glass of dust.
  • Wooden stable with anti-slip bottom base.
  • High-performance for parts up to 60 m2.

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