Ladrome 9 Honeysuckle 10ml

SKU: 7980332 Ladrome 9 Honeysuckle 10 ml


Organic flower essences


Enables to manage its past differently, as a constructive platform for its future.

directions for use:

Dilute 4 drops in a glass of water (or dispense 4 drops under the tongue) on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening at sunset.


The Honeysuckle can be used: in people who live mentally in the past to avoid facing the reality for people who expect more nothing of the present or the future, for people who have difficulty accepting change (moving, vacation especially for children who go on colonies...), among those who have lost a loved one , in people who have difficulty in accepting age


Cognac *, aqueous Infusion of Lonicera caprifolium * * Ingredients from organic agriculture.