Ladrome 5 knapweed 10ml

Learn how to develop his personality
Manufacturer: Ladrome


SKU 7980289 Ladrome 5 knapweed 10 ml


Organic flower essences


Learn how to develop his personality and follow his own will.

directions for use:

Dilute 4 drops in a glass of water (or dispense 4 drops under the tongue) on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening at sunset.


The knapweed caters: for people who don't know how to say no, to those who copy thoughts or ways to act in others, to people who are in the service of someone leaving their own individuality to the second plan, impressionable people, children very agitated may not stay in place


Cognac *, aqueous Infusion of Centaurium umbellatum * * Ingredients from organic agriculture.

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