Ladrome 28 Walnut 10ml

Represents a significant support to help the individual

Manufacturer: Ladrome

SKU: 7980533 Ladrome 28 Walnut 10 ml


Organic flower essences


Represents a significant support to help the individual to live his decisions to the end uninfluenced

directions for use:

Dilute 4 drops in a glass of water (or dispense 4 drops under the tongue) on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening at sunset.


The walnut can help: people who are struggling to live great changes in their lives because they are often identified by their past, people who allow themselves to be easily influenced by others or by any other circumstance outside when they have a decisive choice to make people insecure of themselves, in the event of major General in life changes (new life as a couple (, new job, change of domicile, retirement...), adolescents.


Cognac *, aqueous Infusion of Juglans regia * * Ingredients from organic agriculture.