Lactacyd Emulsion sweet Lot of 2 x 400ml

Lactacyd is careful washing intimate protecting sensitive mucous membranes.

Manufacturer: Lactacyd

SKU: 2597491 Femina Lactacyd Emulsion sweet lot 2x400ml


Emulsion sweet Lactacyd is a care washing for intimate hygiene, base of lactic acid and whey, to clean gently, while preserving the natural balance of the vaginal flora. it protects the appearance of irritation and itching, unpleasant odours. without SOAP, hypoallergenic. Its pH 5.2 respects intimate mucous membranes.

soft Emulsion Lactacyd Femina operating tips:

is used as a detergent for daily hygiene, ensures comfort and freshness throughout the day. Suitable for all women and even girls.