La Roche Posay Toleriane Sun 12g powder


SKU 5373711 La Roche Posay Toleriane Sun 12 g powder


The powder of Sun Toleriane La Roche-Posay is most suited to sensitive and intolerant skin complexion powder.

Thanks to its 3 complementary shades, Sun powder adapts to the season and your complexion clear or Matt. Its warm and iridescent colors give a tanned and light touch to your face to make it shiny and give you a good effect mine

with texture powder super soft and lightweight, the Toleriane Sun powder will enhance your complexion by bringing you comfort throughout the day.

operating tips:

Apply with a brush. Mix 3 colors. 2 rounds are sufficient to have the necessary amount on the brush. Place and blend the powder on the areas of the face that naturally Tan: the forehead and cheekbones first, then finish with the nose and the Chin.

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