La Roche Posay Silicon nail glossy brown (36) 6ml


SKU 9983197 la Roche Posay Silicon nail glossy brown (36) 6ml


The Nail Polish Silicon la Roche Posay is a nail strengthening, protector and hypoallergenic.

It is a Nail Polish designed as a real care to protect and strengthen nails every day and is indicated for sensitive nails or weakened by drug therapies.

Varnish Brown ice is a real restorative care enriched with Mexoryl XL and silica that protects nails UV aggression and tarnish from the colors.Reinforces and strengthens the nail sustainably.

Is formulated without formaldehyde, no toluene, no Rosin, paraben and logs these mixers in the bottle are nickel free.

Finally, the Silicon varnish contains anti-migration pigments to meet the natural color of the nail.